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Central Capital always believes that people are the decisive factor for the success and development of the corporation. Central Capital always focuses on building a professional and humane working environment and all employees, regardless of position, are given the best conditions and opportunities to promote creativity and develop their careers. With us, your career will be developed sustainably along with the continuous growth of the corporation.


Individuals with good work results and demonstrated management capacity will have opportunities for promotion. Prioritize the development of internal staff with good ability to train up to management level


In addition to bonuses based on work performance, bonuses on holidays and New Year, Central Capital always pays special attention to the regimes for employees on birthdays, filial piety and joy, along with the annual vacation regime. to rest, relax, participate in outdoor activities to increase cohesion between members and departments.




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Job Description

This vacancy is responsible for selling the project from the developer, including negotiate the contract with developer, maintenance relationship, build and manage the marketing plan, training the project team, develop sale strategy for different phases, solving any issue with the developer, keep updated with developer for any changes, follow the requirements from developer to accomplish the sales target, etc. Reports directly to CEO.

1. Make market research and analysis and provide professional sales and marketing strategy proposal for developer
2. Build and maintain productive and cooperative relationship with Developer.
3. Responsible for contract negotiation with developer
4. Build and manage overall sales plan, activity plan, resource needed to accomplish the Sale Target;
5. Coordinate with Marketing Department to organize marketing and advertising events.
6. Training team for project information including key selling points, target clients for each phase of project, sales script, etc.
7. Manage the team to accomplish the target for the project.
8. Other tasks are assigned.

- At least 2 year experiences in the real estate industry
- English: Communication level
- Expert knowledge of projects and real estate market in HCMC and Vietnam
- Great customer service attitudes/skills
- Great organization / time management skills
- Good computer skills, especially with MS Word/Excel/PPT

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